Yamato 2199: Anime SF geekiness at its best

A space battleship fights alien enemies and travels 30,000 light years in a quest to save Earth

If there’s one thing that could make an SF anime fan squeal, it is a classic like Space Battleship Yamato. Released in the 1970s, the anime is considered to be as influential in Japan’s as Star Wars or Star Trek, and it even became popular in the West as the anime was dubbed as Star Blazers.

With Space Battleship Yamato 2199, released in 2013, we get a much deserved remake of the sci-fi classic with a big budget, fantastic visuals, and great action.

The story

The anime follows the titular Space Battleship Yamato as it goes on its solo mission to save Earth, which is now scorched beyond recognition by alien attacks. These attacks from the Gamilans – the aliens – render most of Earth’s surface uninhabitable. Humanity is driven to utter chaos and forced to live underground, with not more than a year before total extinction. Can humanity be saved?

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